Ways to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Drainage systems do not get the due attention from the homeowners. It is only when you experience a drainage issue. Just imagine the water stops flowing while you are doing the dishes? You check the sink to ensure the proper flow of water into the sink. Is the water getting blocked due to the unclean kitchen sink? No!

It is something else that is causing the blockage in the kitchen sink. It is the drainage system or the kitchen drain pipes that are clogging the sink. The blocked water gets stagnant in the sink and leads to a foul smell. If you do not get immediate measures, it will become a breeding ground for the bacteria. Besides, the clog will become more intense. If you do not want to have any such issues and keep your house clean, get rid of the clog. It is better to resolve the drain pipes and sink clogs before the problem becomes severe. How will you fix the clog in the kitchen sink? Will you be able to do it on your own? Do you need to call the professional drain cleaners to remove the clog?

Here are some simple ways in which you can fix the clogged kitchen sink.

#1 You Should Try To Plunge The Kitchen Sink:

Plunge The Kitchen Sink

Before you start using varied ways to unclog the kitchen sink, get rid of the water.

Use a container to clean up the water from the sink. After removing the water, employ a plunge. Usually, the clogs are minor, and you can eliminate them by plunging. Why should you try the plugin before unclogging the kitchen?

Plunging can easily dislodge the small clogs by creating a vacuum and building up pressure. Place the mouth of the plunge on the sinkhole, press hard, and pull up. Repeat the process multiple times.

Try to flow the water from the sink after the process. Most often, the clog gets removed. Moreover, you can prevent the backflow of the water.

Note: You should use different plungers for the kitchen and bathroom.

#2 Use Boiling Water To Clear The Debris From Drain Pipes:

unclog the kitchen sink

The most common reason for clogging is hard debris that gets stuck around the drainpipes.

You need to soften the debris and then try to remove it.

Don’t try to use sharp objects to eliminate the hard debris. It will damage the drainpipes. Moreover, it will lead to expensive drain pipes repair. So how will you remove it? You can use boiling water to soften the debris in the drainpipes. Take almost half a gallon of water into the container and boil it to medium temperature. Excessive boiled water can harm the drainpipes. Pour the boiled water into the drain pipes.

Let the pipes dry for a few minutes or an hour. Then, try to flow the water through the sink. You will observe an easy flow of water through the pipes.

Tip: You should avoid using this method for PVC pipes. It can damage the material.

#3 Inspect The Sink Garbage Disposal:

The kitchen sink can experience clogs if the kitchen sink disposal is full of garbage. The garbage will not let the water flow from the sink. In such a situation, you should clear the clog from the garbage disposal and clean it. If you think the garbage disposal is not working efficiently, you can replace it with a new one. It will prevent the clogs in the kitchen sink.

#4 Use Of Baking Soda To Unclog The Sink:

Another technique to unclog the sink is to use baking soda. With the help of baking soda, you can soften the debris in the drain pipes and remove them with water. It is a natural ingredient that is available in any kitchen.

With this, you don’t need to use harmful chemicals in the sink to unclog it. You should use at least one cup of baking soda along with a cup of vinegar. Mix the two properly and pour them into eh drain pipes. Allow the mixture to set in the drain pips for a few hours.

Once the debris softens, you can use water to clean the pipes.


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