Drain Replacement

Drain Replacement - Drain Fixers

While Pipe Relining is usually the most cost-effective and convenient method
of repairing broken drainage pipes without the need to dig, sometimes it is not
possible and the only option available is excavation and replacement. There
are many reasons for this but the most common are:

  • Collapsed drain
  • Pipe falling the wrong way (water running backwards)
  • Badly misaligned or detached joins
  • Solid obstruction inside the pipe which cannot be removed
  • No downstream access available to insert the liner

Should this be the case, we would recommend excavation and replacement as the
best solution to repairing your broken drain. Using the latest CCTV cameras and
pipe location equipment, we can mark the exact location where the ground
needs to be dug, minimising the size of the excavation and disturbance to your
garden. Using only trained staff who work on drain repairs and pipe installation
for a living, we can complete the work with a minimum of fuss and delay.