What Can Clog Your Drains 6 Reasons Listed

Clogged drain usually happens as a result of gradual accumulation of particles in the drains or pipes. A clogged drain impedes the flow of water and leads to slow water drainage, flooding, sewage backup, and corrosion. If you have ever had particles removed from a blocked drain or repaired a blocked drain, it is very important that you take note of the kind of particles that caused the blockage. Knowing what clogged your drain will help you know how to make sure it does not block your drain in the future.

4 Indicators to tell you if is the right time to call a Drain Specialist

Many homeowners and tenants usually want to handle plumbing emergencies themselves (mostly minor plumbing emergencies) without the help of a drain specialist, or without the help of anyone for that matter. To be able to do handle such emergencies anytime they arise, homeowners and tenants like to have essential plumbing tools.