Early Signs That Your Drain Needs Maintenance

When you can’t see something, there is a high tendency you will easily forget that it’s even there – that is until it becomes a major problem.

Your home drain systems play a very crucial role when it comes to keeping your home clean, safe and habitable. And a situation like a blocked drain can cause both stress and can create unwanted costs if not prevented.

But this problem brings us to our next question, “how can you find out on time about an issue with your sewer lines especially with them properly hidden under the ground and in the walls?”Well in this article we will be telling you how to do just that by simply giving you a list of things you should be looking out.

This list will cover some early signs that would keep on screaming “maintenance needed” right in your face.

1. Gurgling Sounds

When a drain gets partially blocked, it would begin making strange gurgling sounds all across the pipe as water gets into them. These strange sounds are caused by trapped air escaping the drain whenever you run water. And this trapped air is caused by the buildup of debris within the drainage pipes. Dealing with this condition immediately is important in order to prevent it from getting worse.

2. Very Unpleasant Odors Coming from the Drain

One of the first things that would ever occur even before you notice any slowness in the way your drainage works is a very nasty stench that just seems to be everywhere. This unpleasant order is a big red flag that tells you something is building up in your drainage system and if not taking care of immediately might lead to a blocked drain.

This build up can be anything which also includes food debris. And as the food debris slowly decomposes with in your pipe, it creates a noticeably bad smell, which appears worse if the tap has been turned on.

3. A Slow Drainage

Once you notice the arid smell and still don’t do anything, the debris can easily start to build up over time causing a blockage that has the ability to affect how your drainage system functions. The water will drain slowly because it has to first filter its way through or around the blockage creating a sluggish flow.

4. A Raised Water Level

I hope you are getting the drift now because everything happens in stages and the next stage that would occur after a slow drainage system is a raised water level caused by this slowness. By this time, water will begin to remain on the floor stagnant long after you have had your shower, when you flush your toilet the water level rises higher than normal. This red flag tells you the condition is really getting extreme and you should do something about it while you can because if the situation continues, the water level may keep on rising to the point of overflowing eventually make it impossible for you to drain waste water out of your property.

At this point in time, your drains might be fully blocked and if nothing is done to ease the pressure soon might begin to leak causing an even bigger headache for you.

If you do notice any of these early signs, it is important you get in touch with a professional drain cleaner immediately in order to prevent the situation from building up and spiraling out of control because if it does, then you might have a larger, nasty situation on your, a situation that would likely cost you a lot more than you ever anticipated.