Common Plumbing Emergencies .

Do you think that your house is having some drainage issues? You are consistently looking for the signs that indicate drainage issues. Sometimes, you hear a gurgling sound in the drain pipes. The kitchen drain pies if slow, the bathroom experiences water backup.

The occurrence of such things are not frequent. Therefore, you tend to ignore them. It is a mistake you make that can lead to plumbing emergencies. If you avoid the kitsch sink issue, it will lead to the bursting of the drain pipes. Bathroom may get clogged up forever. You may even need to replace the drain pipes of the entire house. Such things can be expensive and time-consuming. It is better to watch out for the warning signs and prevent the plumbing emergencies.

What are some plumbing emergency situation, you must always be aware of? When you are knowledgeable about plumbing emergencies, it can prepare you for the worst situations.

Let us know what are the plumbing emergencies.

#1 Leaky Faucets

Repair Leaky Faucets .

What can be worse than having to listen to the leaky faucets all day and night. The dripping sound is not just irritating, but a warning sign that something is wrong with the drainage system. Usually, leaks are common plumbing emergency that can be due to issues with old fixtures. Sometimes, the faucets wear out and leak to water leaks. In the initial days, the leaky faucet does not seem to be a severe problem. But later on, it can damage the drain pipes. Sometimes, the wearing out of faucets leads to slow drains and clogs.

2. Clogged Kitchen Sinks prevent the plumbing emergencies

The clogging of the kitchen sink is a real headache. It blocks all the day-to-day activities. You are unable to wash vegetables, fruits, and do the dishes. You know that the water will take the couple of hours to go down the drain. Furthermore, you will not want the faucet to keep increasing the level of water in the sink. Even a minor clog in the kitchen sink can block the entire kitchen drainpipes and the connected drain pipes. It is a kind of plumbing emergency as you are unable to remove the logs and end up blocking the drainage system of the house.

#3 Bursting Of Drain Pipes:

Bursting Of Drain Pipe .

Bursting drain pipes is a dangerous thing. You must always try to avoid such unpleasant plumbing emergency. The drain pipe burst usually happens in the winters. It is because the water flow inside the pipes tries to expand in the winter. The ice formation inside the pipes exert pressure on them and leads to cracks. It is a plumbing emergency because you cannot do anything to save the drain pipe from bursting. It is better to give a call to the professional drain fixers and get rid of the issues. Unless the pipe gets fixed, it will spill the water all around. Therefore, you must hire professional drain fixer as soon as possible. Besides, there will b a huge spike in the utility bills.

#4 Clog In The Garbage Disposal:

Every house has a main sewer line that connects the drainage pipes of the house to the common sewer line. The sewer drain pipe has garbage disposal. With the help of garbage disposal, you can flush the food and other waste down the drain in the kitchen. The garbage disposal will collect the garbage from the drain pipes. It is essential to keep the drain pipes clean. But it can clog the garbage disposal. You need to watch out for the frequent clogging of the garbage disposal. If you do not keep the disposal clean regularly , it will increase the build up. A simple clog in the garbage disposal can block all the drain pipes in the house.
It is better to consider all the situations as plumbing emergency and be prepared for it.