6 Ideas to Keep Your Drain Clean

It is not needed to say that, drains flush away the water and debris out of the sink or bathroom. However, we cannot say that drains will never come up with clogs. Drains become clogged due to the buildup of food particles, grease, soap scum, hair binds and more. It is your duty to keep your drain clean.

You need to schedule a regular drain inspection routine to address if there are any clogs or other things blocking your drain. If you want to save a great deal of money in hiring a plumber, you should know what causes your drain to become blocked. In addition, you should know how to keep your drain clean.

It is easy to clean your drains with the items that you have at your home. The forthcoming 6 ideas will help you do drain jetting.

1. Do not Send Down the Clogging Wastes through your Drain

You all know what materials and particles will build up in your drain pipe and later become clog. You should consider disposing of those clogging wastes in some other ways then disposing of it through the drain. You should dump the cooking greases, hair binds, soap residue and more on any can and later dispose it to the garbage can. You should brush your drain at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of hairs on the drain holes.

2. Try Biological Cleaner

If you consider cleaning your drains at consistent intervals, then you can keep your drains free from bacteria and mold. This helps to prevent drain repair. You can address biological drain cleaners on the market. The biological cleaners are friendly to the environment and safe to use.

3. Schedule a Regular Cleaning Routine

Cleaning your drain occasionally would not help you to keep your drain clean. It is better to consider cleaning your drain once a week. Once cleaning is done, you should not use your sink right after. Instead, leave your sink to dry for some time.

4. Use a Mesh Screen

You should place a mesh screen on your drain. The mesh screen will help your drain to catch foods and other clogging particles. The mesh screens can be placed on your drains in bathroom, sink, kitchen, toilet and even outdoor. This is one of the simplest things to keep your drain clean.

5. Use a Heating Pad

Yes, you can use the heating pad to melt the grease and other clogs. All you need to do is to wrap a heating pad around the water-flow pipe of the sink, which you can address under the sink. Turn on the heating pad to heat up the pipe and run hot water through the drain. This will easily melt the grease buildup.

6. Use Ready-Made Cleaners

You can buy the local drain cleaning products, which are available on stores. The store-bought drain un-blockers are effective as like the DIY cleaners. The only thing is that you should use one or two droplets of cleaner rather than using too much. If you use more, then it will be harmful to your lungs.

Listed above are the 6 important ideas you need to consider to keep your drain clean.