4 Ways to Spot a Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is not what anyone would want considering the tension, stress and the unwanted cost that come with it.

And when it happens, it is not always sudden, there are some signs that would have been there for a while before finally resulting in the main blockage.

These early signs, if identified soon enough, can prevent further damages to your drains, sewer, pipes and so on. All you need are three out of your main sense organs which are: eyes, ear, and nose.
With these, you can easily detect these upcoming problem and nip it in the bud on time.

The following are the four ways to spot a blocked drain:

  1. 1. Slow movement of water through the drain:
  2. This can easily be detected once a blockage is still at a very early stage. If your shower, toilet, sinks and so on, are not gushing out water the way they should, it is a sign that something is wrong somewhere. And when this happens, the water will do everything possible to go through the blockage thereby creating slow flow. And if this is not addressed as soon as possible, it may lead to total blockage. In order to find out the issue, carry out drain inspection.

  3. 2. Raised water levels in the toilet:
  4. Whenever you flush, the water should be able to pass through the drainage system without any hindrance and also get back to the normal level. But in a situation whereby the water level starts to rise above normal, it is an indication that something is hindering its free flow. And at this point, you might need a toilet drain cleaner if it is something you can solve by yourself. But there are situations when the water has gotten to the point of overflowing, which is an indication of a more serious issue which might require the services of a professional to unclog the drain pipe.

  5. 3. The hollow bubbling sounds:
  6. As soon as you start to hear some unusual sounds either from your drains, pipes, toilet flushes or plug holes, it is an early sign of what is about happening, which is a blockage. Having such sound is an indication that air is trapped in your drainage system which escapes when water is running and this is not normal.

  7. 4. Unpleasant smell coming from drain:
  8. When you start to perceive some foul smell which might not be strong at the initial stage, it is an indication that there is a blockage somewhere. The smell becomes stronger as the case is getting more serious. In fact, you will start to notice the foul smell before any visible sign when there is a blockage. The smell is a result of food decomposing slowly as it moves through the drain.

Whenever you have just one of all these four symptoms mentioned above,
it is a great concern, but it is a more serious issue when you have more than one of these symptoms. What you need is to seek for blocked drains solutions from the experts in the field.