Treat Your Garbage Disposal Properly to Avoid Drain Blockage

No one likes blocked drain. Your drainage system can get blocked at worst of the times. To avoid or prevent drain blockage it is must that you treat and take care of the garbage disposal properly. If you don’t know what you should and you shouldn’t do with the garbage disposal then here are some tips that will help you in preventing the blocked drain.


1. To prevent drain clogs it is important that you prevent dumping grease into the garbage disposal. Grease can easily cause clogs in the drain. When hot grease goes into the disposal it gets cold and sticks in there and other things and stuff also gets stuck in it. Avoiding putting grease into the garbage disposal will avoid drain blockage and it will not make it dirty and sticky.

2. Your hairs also block the drainage system. Prevent hairs from going into the garbage disposal. You should catch the hairs before they go down into the garbage disposal and this act will surely prevent drain blockage.

3. Avoid throwing big size items into the toilet. Toilet hole is big in size, but it can’t drain everything. Sometimes items with big sizes can easily be stuck in there and they can cause a big clog or blockage in the drainage system. It will be good for you if you don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket.

4. It is not necessary, but it will be better if you put the food waste into a container rather than putting it down into the disposal. Putting food waste into the disposal can also clog the drain. Especially avoid meat and greasy food wastes because they get a stick and take time to break down. Working on this tip can help you avoid blocked drain.

5. Do not put sand or sandy items into the garbage disposal. Sand settles down easily and quickly because it is heavy, it can easily form clogs in the pipes and drainage system. Also, avoid corn starch because when it mixes with water and settles down it becomes hard and it will jam the garbage disposal and it will form a big drain blockage.

6. The best gadget to stop drain blockage is the pop-up catcher. It works like a magnet to hairs and other stuff that is not good for the garbage disposal. It builds up the waste by not letting the bad items like hairs go down into the garbage disposal which is not good for it due to which drain becomes slower. When you notice that draining speed is getting slower, remove or pull out the pop-up catcher and clean it carefully and then put it back in. By using this gadget you’ll not get a blockage in the drainage system for a long time.

By following these six simple and easy tips you can easily prevent drain blockage and at the same time, it keeps the garbage disposal clean.

However, if you have some blocked drains then don’t forget to call the best local drain unblockers as soon as it is possible otherwise the situation can get worse.