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Millions of people experience the problems of slow drains, frequent clogging in the sewer pipes and drainage system. These issues are really frustrating because they require a lot of time and effort to get cleaned and repaired. Moreover, if the clogging drains lead to cracks and other serious damages to the pipes, the process becomes a lot more expensive. The clogged drains also have the potential to entirely block the water sources and cause inconvenience to the people. When you are frequently facing such issues, it is essential that you look out for efficient and smart solutions. One of the best solutions is to make use of the water jetting system.

You might have heard a lot about water jetting. It is also popularly known as hydro-jetting by millions of people. It is basically a process or method of cleaning that is usually used while cleaning the drains, removing stubborn debris from the clogged pipes. Just from the name, you can understand that the water that is used for cleaning purposes is sprayed with high pressure so that it can clean the entire drain space by eliminating the toughest blocks. The water jetting system is quite popular because it is a very economical and also an environmental-friendly solution to get rid of the drain clogging issues. The experts of water jetting At Drain Fixers will help you to know everything about it.

What Do We Mean By Water Jetting?

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Water Jetting refers to a cleaning method or technique that is non-invasive and also considered a great plumbing solution for resolving many issues. It helps in cleaning all types of water pipes, drain pipes, drainage lines from the stubborn debris and removing all other blocking and clogging. It is considered an effective process because the water used is at high pressure, due to which the debris, build-ups, and clogs that are hard to remove can be easily eliminated from the entire plumbing system. In the old drain clearing system, rods were used to check for clogs and also to remove them. It was not an effective way to remove the clogs completely, and thus the problem became very frequent. Nowadays, professional drain repairmen use the water jetting technique to get rid of the problem.

The Working Of The Water Jetting Technique

The working of the water jetting system is quite simple yet efficient. The water is applied with high pressure in the drainage pipes, water pipes, sewer lines to remove all the clogs. The jet has a significant role in cleaning up all the clogs as it works along with gravity and applies extreme force to remove the debris, dirt, and other buildups.

In the initial phase, the professionals would conduct an inspection and identify the actual issues with the drainage pipes and water pipes, etc. Once the inspection of the entire area has been done, the professionals would choose an ideal spot where the hose would be fixed and then apply water at the highest speed. As the hose is quite strong and sturdy, it will apply water at a high pressure of almost 20 to 30 gallons per minute. When the pressure is so high, it will remove all the debris, which is blocking the pipes.

When Do You Need Water Jetting Technique?

The plumbing problem can occur anywhere, at your home, offices, or in the major drainage pipes. When the normal cleaners prove to be inefficient for removing the clogs from the drainage pipes or blocked areas, the water jetting technique is used. With the help of the water-jetting technique, you would be able to get rid of all the blockages and keep the pipes clog-free.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Water Jetting Technique?

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There are several benefits offered by the water jetting technique — so let’ get to know what they are.

  • The water jetting technique or method is considered safe for the environment.
  • The process or technique has a very low downtime.
  • Once the issues are resolved, there will be no frequent clogging problems.
  • You will have cleaner pipes that will not stink.
  • You would be able to save a lot of money that would usually go for frequent cleaning and repair work.


You can hire professionals from Drain Fixers in Melbourne to clean your pipes (water pipes, drainage, or sewer pipes) with the help of the water jetting technique. They are highly experienced and have the required expertise to resolve the pipe clogging and blocking issues without any hassle.