Do you have a damaged drainage system or a ruptured pipe? Is it causing blockages in your home’s sewer drains? You can resolve your plumbing issue with the help of a plumber using relining sewer pipes or pipeline replacement via drainage excavation methods. To identify and replace a portion of the pipe, a team of plumbing technicians must dig trenches, remove concrete slabs, and tear down walls. They can perform various activities above the ground. It can cause destruction to the landscape. But not anymore.

With only a one square meter access point, pipe relining can efficiently restore the damaged pipe from the inside out. Both pipe replacement and pipe relining produce the same results. 

To guarantee that the drainage system in your house or workplace is effective, you must have a sturdy sewer system to maintain the pressure of frequent use. Drainage technicians offer several such services to keep the pipes intact. But what is best for your house? Pipe Relining or replacement? We will discuss some distinctions in this post, so you can decide which is best for you.

What Do You Mean By Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining

A fresh and cutting-edge plumbing technology is pipe relining. Relining pipes is a technique used to fix damaged or clogged pipes with a distinct advantage. The technicians do everything above the ground. Imagine it as keyhole surgery in the medical field. Many treatments use a noninvasive keyhole-sized cut in place of an intrusive cut. A little cut causes the least amount of harm and scars. Similar to this, relining a damaged pipe doesn’t need digging up half your lawn or garden because you can do it from the ground.

Explain The Functioning Of Pipe Relining

A professional must first visit the job location to begin. A certified rooter will use noninvasive CCTV equipment to check the whole drainage system. Your pipes are fed a scope via the earth that provides real-time imagery of the surroundings. On the CCTV monitor, you can view any damage and infected roots that clog your pipes. Following the discovery of the damage, a skilled rooter will hydro jet the drain to clear it. It will clean the pipes of any blockages or dirt accumulation.

What Do You Mean By Pipe Replacement?

Pipe Replacement

You might need to think about replacing the pipe if the damage is too severe for pipe relining. The technicians will remove the severely damaged pipes and replace them.
Replacing pipes is substantially more intrusive than relining and frequently necessitates considerable excavation. In situations like extreme deterioration, corrosion, significant tree root damage, and serious leaks, pipe replacement is taken into consideration.

The cost of replacing a pipe might vary depending on where it is located. Your pipes will function like new as long as you don’t mind having a portion of your property momentarily pulled up.

Understanding Pipe Relining Vs Pipe Replacement

Each of these pipeline repair methods has advantages and disadvantages of its own. You may choose the best way to proceed by weighing these factors and a few expert plumbing guidance!

What Are The Pipe Relining Advantages?

  1. Inexpensive than replacing pipes
  2. Minimal landscape/property damage
  3. A faster, more secure way of replacing pipes
  4. Enduring, effective repair
  5. Extremely efficient for light pipe repairs
  6. Applicable for modern technology to prevent ruining your landscape.
  7. Often gets completed in a single day’s labor.
  8. Requirement of a few workers
  9. Zero to no interruption rate
  10. Before using the repair technique, a camera examination is conducted to locate the pipe flaws precisely. It guarantees a precise diagnosis.
  11. Unless the pipe is irreparable, almost every type of pipe may tolerate pipe relining.
  12. It is applicable for sewage, septic, stormwater drains, and small-scale repairs.
  13. Materials can endure for at least 50 years, provide a flawless water passage, and have a high resistance to causing damage to tree roots.
  14. Relined pipes are leak-proof and more resilient than the original pipes.
  15. Because the pipe is cured within, there is no need to dispose of the old materials.
  16. No loud repairs or interruptions are required.
  17. Excavation-related additional costs are prevented.
  18. There is no need to hire a landscaper to fix problems.

What Are The Advantages Of Pipe Replacement?

  • Highly efficient when there is severe pipe damage.
  • Improved insight into the state of your pipeline system.
  • You can use it for short isolated pipe fractures, yet reasonable.


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