PVC pipe

Millions of people experience severe drainage issues. Even after getting their drain regularly cleaned and repaired, the drain lines become blocked. The clogging can be due to several reasons. The grease from vegetables and oils, food waste, plant waste, etc. All these waste materials get stuck in the drain pipes and clog the drain lines. Apart from clogging the drains, they also develop cracks. The cracking is when the drainpipe is not able to take the load anymore. They lose functional efficiency, and the drainage system of the entire house is disturbed. If you want the drainage system to work efficiently and for a prolonged period, make a big change. You should focus on using the PVC pipe pipelines for the drainage system. Even experts recommend using the PVC pipes pipeline to ensure the strength and durability of the drainage system.

You might be thinking as to why everyone recommends using the PVC pipe pipelines for the drainage system. Here are the crucial reasons that will explain why PVC pipe pipeline is the best solution for the blocked drains.

Consider PVC Pipe Pipeline Because They Are Safe And Durable

PVC pipeline

PVC pipes find their application in several things. You can use the PVC pipes for the transportation of potable water, in chemical industries, and much more. One of the best applications is in the drainage system. The PVC pipes are popular due to the following features of the pipes. PVC pipes offer a unique combination of safety and durability. Once installed, you will not have to worry about the strength of the PVC pipes for a couple of years. Besides this, the PVC pipes will maintain proper safety and keep enhancing their functional efficiency.

PVC Pipes Finds Application In The Drainage System Because They Are Corrosion Resistance

When you use iron or metal pipes for the drainage system, they will suffer from corrosion. It is because the old pipes of iron may develop rust. You cannot take such a huge risk to your health and keep using the corrosion pipes. Even in the drainage system, the iron pipes may get corroded and lead to drainage clogging. It is better to find an alternative to it. PVC pipes are the best alternative because they are resistant to corrosion. The PVC pipes have a design that makes them invulnerable to corrosion in the external and internal portions. Iron pipes are even susceptible to bursting when the load increases. But PVC pipes will handle the increasing load in a better way. A study revealed that PVC pipes are better than cast iron pipes. They have the lowest rate of breaking due to increasing load. The PVC pipes are better than concrete, steel, and asbestos cement pipes.

PVC Pipes Have Resistance To The Chemicals

According to the experts, PVC pipes exhibit various properties that make them a suitable option for drainage systems. The PVC pipes are applicable in the drainage system because they show high resistance to various chemicals, disinfectants, and reagents. When you are using cast iron or any other pipe, it will undergo various changes due to strong alkalies, acids, and even chemical solutions. Sometimes, the cleaners contain hydrocarbons that can easily damage the linings of the pipe.

PVC Pipes Have Leak Free Joints

PVC pipes have a design that makes the surface ultra-smooth and prevents any leaks from the joints. This also helps in reducing the pumping costs and the loss of water through the pipes. If you compare the new system with the old ones, there was 30 to 35 percent water leakage from the pipes. PVC pipes use elastomeric seals. The seal helps in preventing water leakage and can be conveniently connected. You do not need any sort of electricity or external application to fix the joints.

The PVC Pipes Offer Long Service Life

The PVC Pipes Offer Long Service Life

PVC pipes are known to offer a service life of almost 50 to 60 years. If you keep them well-maintained they can last longer than 60 years. You can increase the service life of the PVC pipes by using various chemicals that enhance their performance and durability.


If you are getting your drainage system fixed, replace the old pipes with PVC pipes. Within a short span, you will observe a difference between the traditional pipes and PVC drain pipes. If you are not sure when getting new drain pipes, call Drain Fixers, the drain specialists in Melbourne. Their drain pipe experts will help you out.