5 Reasons Why CCTV Drainage Inspection is a Great Idea

Most of the times, issues with drainage system is much more than what we think and there is always a better way of tackling any issue, including cleaning or unclogging drains. Before anything could be effectively and efficiently done as far as drainage system is concerned, an inspection needs to be carried out first and there is a limitation to what the eyes can do in this case. That is when a CCTV drainage survey and inspection is needed. “What does it entail?” you might want to ask.

A CCTV drainage survey is simply a drainage inspection process, involving various technological components like a small video camera, a flexible rod or a small wheeled vehicle. The small video camera is either placed at the end of the flexible rod or on the small wheeled vehicle, then sent down the drain or sewer to capture the inner part of the pipes so as to know exactly what the problem is all about.

This is so important because drains and sewers issues can be complex sometimes and there will be a need to find out precisely what is wrong.

Consequently in this piece, I will share five reasons why CCTV drainage inspection is a superb idea for either preventive or corrective measures in addressing issues with drainage systems.

  1. 1. It is fast and very cost effective
  2. When it comes to CCTV drainage inspection, there is no need for expensive or time-consuming excavation work in getting the problem like other methods. Whatever the problem might be, be it drain relining or drain repair, the camera will locate the problem in no time and things can be quickly done without wasting time or incurring other costs.

  3. 2. It is completely non-destructive and environmentally friendly
  4. All you need to set the ball rolling in CCTV drainage inspection is the proper set up of the camera and this does not have any negative impact on the environment and does not destroy things like what is experienced during digging process. Digging, just to find out what is a problem is before starting the real work can end up destroying other things like pipes in the drainage system but that is not the case here.

  5. 3. It is accurate
  6. When it comes to locating the problem at hand and the upcoming ones,CCTV drainage inspection is superb. It takes the guess work out of pipes and drainage inspection and pinpoints with great accuracy the location of the problem. And the spill-over positive effect of this is that it saves time, saves unnecessary costs and allows finding quick solution to the problem on ground as well as solving those that are yet to occur.

  7. 4. It is easy to operate
  8. A lot of people feel that operating CCTV camera for drainage inspection is not something easy but I usually tell them that every professional is good with his or her job. As long the set-up is properly done, which you can easily do with the help of the manual guide, the remaining is an easy ride. There is no complexity when it comes to operating and it is not a must you buy one, you can just hire the professionals and let them perform their magic within the shortest possible time.

  9. 5. It helps in preventative repairs
  10. As a result of the information collected by the CCTV camera during the inspection, some problems that are yet to occur are detected along with the obvious ones. And in such cases, minor faults can be sorted out before turning into major issue.