5 Basic Drain Maintenance Tips you should Follow

If you are facing a blocked drain again and again then you are doing something seriously wrong with it and it is better to keep it maintain than unblocking it again and again. You must take care of garbage disposal to keep maintain the drainage system. These are 5 tips you should follow to keep up and maintain the drainage system:

1. Avoiding hard Items:

To keep up and maintain your drainage system, you must avoid hard items that go down into the garbage disposal like hard bones and hard shells because the shedder in the garbage disposal becomes less efficient due to hard items and it does not work well and it becomes the reason of the drainage. Small hard items also stuck between the rotating parts due to which the parts cannot move and work which also become the reason for a blocked drain.

2. Fibrous or Starchy Items:

Fibrous and starchy items both can easily result in a drain blockage by making your garbage disposal useless. You can keep maintaining the drainage by avoiding these items, you should not put these items into your garbage disposal.

These are some basic daily using items you should avoid throwing away in the drain:

• Banana peels

• Potato peelings

• Corn husk or corn cobs

• Coffee grounds or coffee filters

• Celery

• Artichokes

• Onion skins or completely remove the thin membrane with great care

• Fruit pits and hard seeds

• Egg shells, they clog the piping

3. Big Size Items:

To keep maintain the drainage system you must avoid big or large size items. You should cut them into small pieces and then put them into the garbage disposal because large items can stop the parts of the garbage disposal to move and rotate which cause blocked drain. Therefore, cut and put the small pieces one by one into the garbage disposal instead of putting a big or large amount of pieces.

4. Cold Water:

People think that hot water helps to open drain blockage, but cold water is also very helpful. You should put the cold water while the disposal is on because it prevents the shedder and motor from getting overheated and water pushes the waste down and helps in disposing of the garbage which keeps maintaining the drain while hot water melts the fat and can cause drain blockage. So, for drain unblocking, you can also use cold water.

5. Cleaning:

Cleaning is must, if you do cleaning regularly then you’ll never face drain blockage. When the garbage disposal is off, clean the rubber which is in the center of the sink and leads to the disposal. It needs to be cleaned regularly because it gets dirty very soon. You can use ice cubes to clean the shedders’ edges of garbage disposal and if you make ice cubes of lemon juice then they will give better results. Other than that, you can use orange peels and lemons cut them into small pieces and dispose of them into the garbage disposal. It will help in cleaning and it will also make the disposal smell better.

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