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You get a 24/7 running water facility in your residential area. The consistent flow of water and convenient water facilities can be accredited to a highly functional drainage system in your area. If the swerve lines come across any clogs or blockage, there is a sudden disturbance in the flow of water. You don’t get water at high speed for doing the household chores.

All of a sudden, the regular work comes to a halt. For instance, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, cleaning the house, and more. The water from the sewer lines goes to the individual house drainage system and then reaches your tap. If there is a clog in the sewer lines, it will completely obstruct the water flow to your house.

Therefore, you need to prevent such clogs and keep your house clean. If not, you will have to suffer from unpleasant drainage issues. The drain clog removal, pipe repairing, and replacement can be expensive. Experts recommend taking preventive measures and keeping the sewer lines clean. How will you ensure the cleanliness of the sewer lines? How will you maintain a good flow of water to your place? Is it possible? Certainly, it is possible to keep your sewer line clean and clog-free. Let us understand how. We will share expert tips to help you keep the cleanliness of the sewer lines.

1. Keep The Sewer Lines Clean By Putting Garbage Out Of The Drains:

One of the effective ways to keep the sewer lines clean and healthy is to avoid clogs. Be careful about the things you are pushing down the kitchen sink and bathroom drains. For instance, you should avoid through vegetable oil, grease, vegetable waste, tea/coffee grounds, and eggshells down the drain. Besides, you should not let the hair bunch or any feminine products go into the bathroom drains.

If it becomes your habit to throw such things in the drain, it will build up inside the pipes. Over time, the build-up hardens and clogs the drain. If you want to prevent the garbage to go into the drain, use drain screens. It will block the unwanted garbage, and keep the drains clean. There will be no stinking smell to destroy the freshness of your house.

2. Be regular In cleaning The Drain Pipes:

cleaning The Drain Pipes

Usually, we forget to clean the drains regularly. The build-up in the drain line dries up over time. It becomes difficult to remove hardened build-up. It will eventually lead to obstruction in the flow of water. Therefore, it is better to clean the drain pipes regularly. To clean the drain pipes, you can use drain enzymes. These chemicals are potent in removing debris and cleaning the drains. Moreover, it does not cause damage to the drain pipes like other harmful chemicals. Besides this, you can use the snake method or hydro-jetting to push down the debris and clean the pipes.

3. Hire Professional Drain Cleaners:

Hire Professional Drain Cleaners

Once every six months, you should hire professional drain cleaners to inspect the drainage system and clean it. The drain cleaners will let you know the exact condition of the drain pipes. If there is any requirement for repair or replacement, they will let you know. In this way, you can prevent expensive drain repair work.

4. Use DIY Tips To Keep The Drain Pipes Clean On Regular Basis:

You use the drain daily for various purposes. The drainage system of your house experiences, soap water, detergent water, vegetable oils, and more. If you embrace simple DIY tips to clean the drains, it will prevent the build-up in the long run. Some simple tips include using drain cleaners along with hot water.

In this way, you can ensure the cleanliness of the drains on regular basis. Regular cleaning of the drain lines enhances the strength of the drain pipes and their service life expectancy. If you do not keep the drains clean, the drain pipes will degrade within a short period.


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