What Can Clog Your Drains 6 Reasons Listed

Clogged drain usually happens as a result of gradual accumulation of particles in the drains or pipes. A clogged drain impedes the flow of water and leads to slow water drainage, flooding, sewage backup, and corrosion. If you have ever had particles removed from a blocked drain or repaired a blocked drain, it is very important that you take note of the kind of particles that caused the blockage. Knowing what clogged your drain will help you know how to make sure it does not block your drain in the future.

Below are six causes of blocked drain:

1. Soap

Soap dissolves in water and this may make you wonder how dissolved soap can block drains. However, you may not know that many soaps are made with fat, which combines with the minerals in water to become soap scum. Soap scum is a hard residue that blocks drains.

2. Dirt

Like dissolved soap, water mixes with dirt and the dirt moves out as the water drains. However, excess dirt can build up over time and clog your drains.

3. Food Waste

You should always avoid food or solid particles getting into your sink. Get rid of the food on your plates before you wash them in your sink. When food waste (especially the ones that do not break down e.g. coffee grounds) go down your drain, they can quickly clog your drain and impede the flow of water. Also, you should wipe oil off your plate before you wash them because oil can solidify and clog your drains.

4. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can clog your drains, especially if you like to use a lot of toilet paper. Excessive toilet paper can stop your toilet from flushing and the only solution could be in the hands of a drain specialist.

5. Hair

Hair block drains quickly because it can bind with any substance around it. The only way to prevent your drains from getting clogged by hair is to make sure hair does not get into your drains.

6. Small Objects

Anything that gets into your drains that shouldn’t be there will eventually clog your drains. Some examples of small particles or objects that should not get into your drains are matchsticks, pins, earrings, small metals, wool, glass fragments, plastic, and wood. When small objects block your drains, the only way to remove them could be by seeking the help of a drain specialist.

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