Tips to Repair the Drain Pipe Under a Swimming Pool

Sounds like a nightmare right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Discovering a drain pipe leak under your swimming pool or storm-water drain cannot be said to be a nice experience but It definitely does not have to be a major excavation project too.

This kind of problem occurs more regularly than you think especially in old houses where the plumbing plans are a little bit confusing, neglected or forgotten about, after all, they have been there for so long that no one expects a need to get to them later on in future. So what could go wrong if we add an extra layer of hard cement protection, maybe tile it too and then pour in a thousand liters of water.

Well in simple words “a lot of things can go wrong” and if you don’t have the right professionals with the right knowledge of the best methods to use working to fix it, you might be waking up with nightmares on how much you would need to spend on cost and we don’t want you in that kind of situation.

Some Common Causes of Drain Leak Under a Swimming Pool

Understanding the causes can help us prevent it from happening and best handle the situation when it does. And one of the first most common problem when it comes to draining leaks is tree roots.

These trees you plant to provide shade for you while in the pool also has the potential to wreak havoc with pipes underground as the roots enlarge thereby leading to a faulty pipe.

The second issue often attributed to drainage leaks is pipe damage, most often caused by the very equipment used in constructing and installing which the swimming pool in the first place. This heavy machinery can easily crack or crush drains simply by driving over the ground above the pipe. So before you start your construction or allow heavy machinery on your property, it is important you first take the time to get the outlay of the drain pipe installations on your property, this way you can avoid easily building your pool on it or crushing it.


Luckily, over time professional drain cleaners have developed a unique way to solve this problem very easily without a need to contemplate excavations, moving the swimming pool or pulling apart the deck and paving or anything as extreme as that.

The steps include:

• An experienced drain repair team inspecting the pipes with a drain camera to find the exact location of the issue and to get a clear picture of the damage and repair requirements.

• Using High-pressure water jet to clear all debris in order to get a better view of the damages and the repairs required.

• Once cleared, your drain specialists will then place either a pipe patch or, if there is a large area of the damaged pipe, a section of long-lasting pipelining through the nearest access point, positioning the patch or liner inside the crack or break. The liner is then hardened in place to form a strong inner layer which provides a durable new pipe inside the old broken pipe.

And depending on the nature of the damage and the kind of pipe, reline Solutions uses several different systems to repair pipes. Your specialist will provide expert advice on which system is best for your drain issue.