Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pipes This Winter

Cold temperature is a big problem for water pipes. When the temperature goes down from zero degree the water pipes start to freeze which results in blockage and require quick drain unblocking because frozen water pipes create pressure inside and can also burst easily due to which flooding occurs. To avoid all this mess, you must keep the water pipes warm enough that they don’t get frozen.

With some good tips, you can keep the water pipes warm at low temperature. Here are some tips you can follow to keep the water pipes warm in winter or cold and avoid them bursting:

1. Heating Tape:

Heating tape supplies heat directly to the water pipes and keep them warm and prevent them from freezing in cold. Heating tape is a good method to keep the water pipes warm and working. There are two types of heating tape. One is automatic and the other is manual. Automatic heating tape turns on and off when it senses that heat is needed or not. In the case of manual heating tape, you must turn it on and off manually because there is no sensor in it to sense the temperature. I recommend you should use the automatic heating tape and must read the guide before using it.

2. Interior Doors:

Keeping the interior doors open can keep the water pipes warm because water pipes are usually located in cabinets and if you keep the doors open then heat from all over the house will keep the pipes warm and prevent them to freeze as well as a burst in winters.

3. Heat:

If you’re going on a vacation and are supposed to leave your house for a long time in cold temperature, make sure that you kept on the heaters. Keeping the heat on will prevent water pipes from freezing, the temperature of 50 F is enough to keep the water pipes warm and help you in preventing frozen and blocked drain.

4. Cover The Pipes:

Make sure that there are no gaps or cracks from where the water pipes run through walls and floors. Make sure that the water pipes are covered well. Freezing chances of exposing water pipes are higher than covered water pipes because temperature directly affects the water pipes if there is no cover on them and if the pipes are covered then they do not get freeze fast.

5. Faucet & Insulation:

Opening a faucet just a little bit will prevent the water pipe from freezing and bursting. If you open a faucet just a little bit, it will prevent the pressure which becomes the reason of bursting if it does not get relieved. Furthermore, you should put insulation on the water pipes and if there is already insulation you can also put extra insulation on the pipes or you can double it on the pipes which you believe will not survive in cold with the single insulation.

In case you are experiencing frozen pipes then make sure to call expert local drain unblockers before it becomes too late.

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