High-Pressure Water Jetting

Drainage blockage is common in every household. Once in a while, you experience water backup in the sink, foul smell, clogs, and slow drains. Usually, people embrace the home tactics like plungers, baking soda, or boiling water to get rid of the clogs.

But these techniques are effective for minor clogs and slow drains. You need an effective alternative when the drainage problems become severe.

According to the experts, hydro-jetting or water-jetting is another technique to resolve severe clogs from the drainage pipes.

Most of us are not aware of the hydro-jetting or water jetting technique.

Only expert drain professionals can use the technique to eliminate clogs from the drain pipes. The slightest mistake in following water jetting will lead to expensive repairs.

You may need to replace the drain pipes or the drainage system of the house.

Let us know and understand everything about high-pressure water jetting.

Through this article, you will know how water jetting is efficient in sewer cleaning.

What Do You Mean By Hydro Jetting?

What Do You Mean By Hydro Jetting

Drainpipes are an essential component of the drainage system. It collects the wastewater and flows it out to the sewer lines. If there is a problem with the drain pipes, you will experience various drainage issues. It can be the foul smell, water backup, slow drains, and clogs. The drainage issues are a headache until you get rid of them. It becomes a hindrance in the routine household work.

The drainage issues occur due to the build-up of debris, grease and algae, and other food particles. Sometimes, the clog in the bathroom is due to hair and the flushing of unhygienic products.

If you do not pay attention to the clogs, it will aggravate over time.

Hydro-jetting is an effective way to get rid of the clogs and prevent them from reoccurring.

Water-jetting techniques involve the use of advanced equipment to spray water at high pressure and speed. With the help of water jetting, you can remove the toughest of the debris from the drain pipes. But aiming at the wrong position can cause damage to the drain pipes.

You can also remove the debris stuck to the drain pipes and damage the interior.

How Does Water Jetting Work Effectively?

The professional drain technicians will employ water jetting techniques to eliminate debris from the drain pipes. You can change the degree of pressure in the water jetting technique.

If the debris can be easily removed, you can use low pressure.

If the debris is hard, you can increase the pressure.

You can decide the pressure of the water depending on the material of the drain pipes.

PVC pipes or metal drain pipes can withstand the pressure from the water jet. Low-quality drain pipes will burst with high pressure. While removing the debris, you need to keep the drain pipes safe. If the clog or water leak is due to damaged and corroded pipes, water jetting will not come in handy.

You will need to repair or replace the pipes.

Is Water Jetting Safe For Drain Pipes?

Water Jetting For Drain Pipes

Yes, water jetting offers an eco-friendly way to remove the debris from the drain pipes. But you need to ensure that drainage professionals perform the technique.

It is essential to maintain the right pressure to maintain the safety of drain pipes and remove the clogs.The experienced drainage professional will assess the condition of the pipes and clog. Based on that, they will set the pressure of the water jet.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Water Jetting?

#1 You do not have to use any harmful chemicals are the drain cleaning.

#2 It will prevent drain pipe clogging in the future.

#3 The technique is easy, quick, and affordable. You can get back to your normal life within no time.

#4 There is no need to excavate the landscape or damage the drainage system for unclogging the pipes. The technicians can do it without any hassle.


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