How to Prevent Clogging of Your Drain

Preventing the drain clogging can be beneficial as it can save your money of fixing it as well as your time. However, there are several ways to prevent the clogging of your drain.

Scroll down and check out these easy and simple ways.

  • 1. Never release the cooking grease in a drain as it can cause some worse kind of blockage. You can put it in an empty cardboard milk container and can throw it in trash after washing the dishes.

  • 2. Coffee grounds are also the reason behind the blocked sewer. Rather than washing them off in the drain, you can just throw them off in trash.

  • 3. After washing dishes, make sure to always release some hot water for 1 to 2 minutes. Hot water washes off all the grease and little blockage that can become worse in future. So, releasing hot water daily in the drain can prevent clogging of your drain.

  • 4. You can also use chemicals weekly to keep the drain clean. If not weekly, you can use them twice in a month. This is a good routine to prevent clogging.

  • 5. To block hairs or soap scrum to go into the drain, you can use screen or drain-grate as this will just allow the water to pass through it which will prevent the clogging of the drain or a blocked sewer.

  • 6. You can also use baking soda to clean the drain weekly. Just take a hand full of baking soda and throw it in the drain and after that put some hot water. It will clear the drain of any little blockage and will prevent worse clogging.

  • 7. Along with using baking soda, you can also use vinegar. As it can do the work in the same way. Throwing vinegar in the drain will help in cleaning all the grease that is available in the drain and will give you a clean and clear drain.

  • 8. You should never dump cement or any joint compound in the drain as such things can become the worse drain blocker ever. They went down in the drain and harden the drains which result in a clogged drain. So, it is important to not dump such things in order to prevent blockage.

  • 9. You can also use a pop-up stopper. It is used to stop hairs and other such things to go into the drain and prevents the drain clogging. Using this in your bathroom and kitchen will never cause a drain clog.

So, these were the basic and important ways to prevent the clogging. In case you are experiencing some really bad clogging and a blocked sewer. Make sure to contact Drain Fixers ( as they can help you professionally by using the most appropriate way of unclogging.