unclog blocked drains

Blocked drains are among the most prevalent plumbing difficulties in Australia. The consequences of leaving a clogged drain might be more severe and can happen at any time. Learning how to handle problems like water flowing from pipes is crucial, so you can figure out how to solve the problem.

We at Drain Fixers offer the highest caliber of service for locating and clearing blocked drains. Here are some tips that will help you personally cope with blocked drains based on our expertise.

If blocked drains are not identified and fixed, houses and other structures may sustain damage. Water leaks from drains and burst pipes, among many other issues, may be very time- and money-consuming to remedy. You or a professional can unclog blocked drains using easy procedures like boiling water, various cleansers, or even the traditional plunger.

Here are eight tips that will help you clean the clogged drains.

#1 Use Boiling Water To Clean The Clogged Drains:

Clean Clogged DrainsUsing this technique, you can unblock a metal or ceramic pipe. The obstruction causing the pipe damage may be removed by simply pouring lukewarm water down the drain. If this strategy works, you can disregard the expenses and, there is less work to do. Boiling water will cause the joints of PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) pipes to loosen. It is undesirable. Thus, pour hot water to eradicate grease or a buildup of leftover food. The hot clean water will flow down the drain and clean it.

#2 Make Use Of Bent Wires To Clean The Debris From The Drain Pipes:

Drain PipesThis procedure involves utilizing a wire or something similar and twisting it in a way to make it straight with a little hook at the end. You may remove any obstruction, even hair, by putting it in the drain. Although it is not the most efficient way, it may remove the majority of solids that obstructs the area.

#3 Employ The Plunger To Remove The Clogged Drain:

You may use a plunger to clear a clogged toilet. Secure all spill spouts before initiating the plunging procedure to ensure a solid seal. The procedure for plugging will involve applying pressure and up-and-down motions to remove the obstruction. This method of unclogging drains is effective for clearing solid obstructions. But it is ineffective for cleaning grease or other material buildups.

#4 Using Effective And Efficient Kitchen Essentials For Naturally Removing The Clog:

White vinegar and baking soda are two chemicals that may be used to dissolve undesirable blockages. The two items combine chemically to produce oxygen. It helps to clean the interior of the drainage pipes. The chemical reaction will be triggered by pouring the bicarbonate of soda first, then the white vinegar, and so on (careful to cover the drain, so bubbles do not fly up). You have to repeat this procedure multiple times to unclog the drain.
To avoid residue buildup, it will be crucial to flush the pipeline with hot water when you complete the procedure.

#5 It Is The Right Time To Try Corrosive Cleaners:

You can remove hair, grease, food, and other blockages with a caustic cleanser. You may get it in your neighborhood hardware shop or grocery. However, because of all the chemicals used, this method is not healthy for the environment. Its capacity to dissolve solid materials like tiny household products or tree roots is also a limitation. If you decide to keep using this cleaning, take precautions like wearing gloves, covering your skin and eyes, and flushing the pipes with water once you complete the process.

#6 Employ Hydro-Jetting Technique With The Help Of Professionals:

With this technique, you can send a strong stream of water through the clogged drains and pipes. The water pressure will remove all the obstructions in the drain pipes.
Although hydro-jet is less effective than other methods in eliminating solids, it is safer and does less harm. To ensure the cleanliness of the pipes, experts recommend that a professional and certified plumber perform this operation.


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