5 Key Benefits of Hydro-Jet Cleaning Your Drains

Experiencing blocked drain or blocked sewer is not what any house owner or business establishment would like to go through at any point in time.
Over time, there might be the accumulation of debris, minerals or grease materials in your toilet, drains, bathtubs or shower which clog and hinder the free flow of water.

There are so many ways of removing these clogs but none is as effective as hydro-jet cleaning. “What is hydro-jet cleaning?” you might want to ask. Hydro-jet cleaning or hydro-jetting makes use of a high-pressure hose together with a nozzle through which it blasts water through the lines to clear any stubborn buildup of clogs or tree roots in a sewer line.

The water used is forced out from 3,000 psi to anywhere around 60,000 psi, indicating the high pressure with which the water is coming out.

Below are the five key benefits of using a hydro-jet cleaning method for your drain.

  1. 1. It saves money and time
  2. At the initial stage, you might spend more with hydro-jet cleaning but the reverse is the case in the long run as it saves money. This is because the traditional drain cleaning is done like two times in a year while the hydro-jet cleaning can last for years when done. Aside from that, it takes less time to be accomplished compared with the traditional method. With it, you can save good money in situations where you engage the services of professionals that charge per hour.

  3. 2. It is effective
  4. When it comes to effectiveness in drain unblocking, hydro-jet cleaning is the best. Unlike the traditional methods, it completely clears the line and removes all the traces of clogs in the pipe. But the traditional methods like the snaking will remove a blockage, but will still leave some traces of residue on the walls of the pipe which can easily form another clog with time. It penetrates deeper into built-up debris, minerals, rock particles, roots and so on, flushing them out totally.

  5. 3. It is environmentally-friendly
  6. The major thing that comes out in hydro-jet cleaning is water and some are of the opinion that it harms the environment but that is not true. It can be used in building situated beside water sources like lakes, rivers and so on. But other methods make use of chemicals which can harm the environment.

  7. 4. It is sanitary in nature
  8. With the traditional methods, there could be situations where sewage and other debris comes in contact with the houses in the environment or the workers but that is not the case with hydro-jet cleaning. There is no chance for any messy environment when used. And most times, after work has been completed, hardly will you see a sign that any work has been done there except some water in the area.

  9. 5. It is preventive maintenance ability
  10. If you are looking for a way to prevent engaging the services of the professionals for blocked drains solutions, then stick to the hydro-jet cleaning method. It does not just unclog drain pipes, it thoroughly cleans them. So to a large extent, it can prevent serious issues with your drainage system.